An Interview with a Pakistani Freelancer- Ehtesham Hameed

Tell us about yourself?

Ehtesham Hameed: I have done Bachelors in Software Engineering from COMSATS Abbottabad in 2016.

When did you start freelancing?

Ehtesham Hameed: I was introduced with the Freelancing world for the first time in KPYEP Freelancing program at COMSATS in 2016. After graduation, I started to elongate my wings towards self-dependency, so I started work as a Freelancer at Upwork because I was so moved with the success stories all around.

Are you a full time freelancer or you do freelancing beside your job as part time?

Ehtesham Hameed: Mixture of both as I’m working as a writer/web developer for 3 freelancers on monthly basis, therefore, I am unable to provide proper time to Upwork in these days.

Which Online Marketplace (Peopleperhour, Upwork, Freelancer, fiverr) you use and which one you will recommend?

Ehtesham Hameed: Upwork. I will recommend Upwork

What kind of work you do online?

  • Web development (PHP, CSS3, HTML, JavaScript)
  • Database Designing
  • Academic writing
  • Content writing.

How many jobs/projects you have completed online so far?

Ehtesham Hameed: On Upwork, I have completed three projects with 5 stars rating. Among three, I got 2 projects there from one client. He was so elated with my quality work that he hired me on monthly basis. So far, through social media (Outsourcing), I have completed 70 projects.

When did you get your first project online and what was your reaction?

Ehtesham Hameed: I got my first job at Upwork in September 2016 and I was too elated with that.

How many hours you work in a day and does this affect your social life as well?

Ehtesham Hameed: I work 8-10 hours a day and yes it has affected my social life to certain extent.

Your best and worst experience working as a freelancer?

Ehtesham Hameed: So many best experiences I would say. Those moments were so cherishing when my three top clients offered me a job to work on permanent basis because they were too overwhelmed with my top-rated work. The other best experience is that I got gem of people in the freelancing world, which is marvelous learning experience. Unfortunately, I had one bad experience. I got an offer from one client through Facebook group about writing an essay of (1500 words). I did that essay as per client’s requirements. He accepted my work but he blocked me from Facebook and didn’t pay.

What kind of advice would you like to give to people interested in Freelancing?

Ehtesham Hameed:

  • First develop your skills, polish them, and then start earn through freelancing
  • If you want to be flourished, then be sincere to your own self
  • Be professional and honest.

What do you think are the pros/cons of freelancing?

Ehtesham Hameed: To be honest, this is quite interesting to discuss because freelancing completely changes the daily routine and life-style.


  • Self-dependency. You can enjoy various perks of the life with your own money
  • Enhances professionalism
  • You are boss of your own self. You can work as per your own will.
  • Guaranteed payments in case of freelancing platforms


  • No social life.
  • Creates health issues like obesity because of less sleep, intense work load and tight deadlines

It is very difficult to get your first project online so would you like to share any tips/tricks to get your first project online?

Yes, I had this experience and its indeed difficult to grasp first project at Upwork or any other freelancing platform. I still remember of my early days that were so frustrating. Although I tried my best to put my best foot forward for various projects at Upwork, but all in vain. I didn’t give up, and finally after mammoth endeavor, I got my first project at Upwork, So I would like to share certain tips to avail first online project

  • Always bid low in early projects.
  • Saturday and Sunday nights are so important for bidding. Do maximum bidding in these two as much you can because software houses usually don’t bid in these two days due to holidays.
  • Cover letter should be well-focused and powerful. If your cover letter appeals the client, then its 90% chance that client will allot you project

Other Tips to be a successful freelancer

I would like to share certain tips to get into the list of successful freelancers

Upwork Tips

  • Be focused.
  • Your Upwork’s profile should be unambiguous, neat and clean.
  • Keep on applying for concerned projects especially at night because mostly clients are foreigners.
  • Always read the instructions of the client in aptly manner. The cover letter should reflect client’s needs. Don’t copy paste cover letter from the internet.
  • Install smartphone application of Upwork or any Freelancing platform that will help you out in instant replies.
  • Strong communication skills.

Social Media Tips

  • Create proper CV/Resume
  • Join all the groups named “Pakistan Freelancers” on Facebook and apply for concerned tasks/projects.
  • Be professional. You are supposed to inbox client with certain details that how will you do that job and show him/her that you are the best person for his/her project. It is more like cover letter. Don’t forget to send resume and samples along with cover letter. You can use your assignments as your SAMPLES.
  • You are ambassador of your own brand. So do not beg for the job. Trust in your abilities.
  • If you want to progress in Academic writing, then learn referencing. For referencing, install Endnote X5 and see its various tutorials on YouTube.
  • Before taking any project on social media via Freelancing groups, make sure to check concerned person’s profile. There are too many scammers there.
  • Freelancing is unstable. Sometimes you have plethora of projects and sometimes you can’t find a single project/task for weeks.

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