An Interview with a Pakistani Freelancer -Waqas Manzoor

OutsourcePK: Tell us about yourself?
Waqas Manzoor: I have done Bachelors in Computer Science BCS(H) 6 years back. I started my career as a network administrator but then I found the Customer services industry as a most booming industry and decided to change my direction and joined a multinational organization. I got experience in almost all areas of customer services industry.

OutsourcePK: When did you start freelancing?

Waqas Manzoor: I started work as freelancer in 2011. One of my friend told me about Odesk and I showed keen interest in it and start exploring this industry.

OutsourcePK: Are you a full time freelancer or you do freelancing beside your job as part time?
Waqas Manzoor: You can say both permanent /part-time as I am doing it side by side with my job and doing 40 hours in a week on odesk.

OutsourcePK: Which Online Marketplace such as elance/odesk you use and which one you will recommend?

Waqas Manzoor: I use odesk and will recommend odesk.

OutsourcePK: What kind of work you do online?

Waqas Manzoor: 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Personal Assistant
  • Web Research
  • WordPress
  • Data Entry Projects

OutsourcePK: How many jobs/projects you have completed online so far?
Waqas Manzoor: So far I have done 50 jobs and worked more then 6800 hours with 4.98 feedback score out of 5.00 which is exceptional.

OutsourcePK: When did you get your first project online and what was your reaction?
Waqas Manzoor: I got my first job in 2011 and that was only 0.30 cents/hour and I was just so much excited to get this job.

OutsourcePK: Do you have a blog/portfolio that you want to share with us?
Waqas Manzoor: Not Yet. But I do have a plan to start my personal blog.

OutsourcePK: How many hours you work in a day and does this affect your social life as well?

Waqas Manzoor: I work 40 plus hours in a week and YES I am enjoying my social life. Time management is the key to success in freelancing.

OutsourcePK: Your best and worst experience working as a freelancer?
Waqas Manzoor: I have 90% excellent experiences with my clients and just 10% was below average.

OutsourcePK: What kind of advice would you like to give to people interested in Freelancing?
Waqas Manzoor: – Time Management

Always ready to work for client

Be Prompt (give response to employer’s email very very efficiently)

Since you are competing with whole world so you should be very very organized and able to respond to your employer as soon as you can. If you make a little delay then there are million of other peoples who can win this battle.

OutsourcePK: Share your online profile links
Waqas Manzoor: 

OutsourcePK: What do you think are the pros/cons of freelancing

Waqas Manzoor: It’s a huge debate

    • Can work at your ease. Can work whenever you want
    • Get weekly payments
    • Guaranteed Payments
    • Can do multiple jobs at same time


  • Less Sleep
  • Sometime get boring to sit in front of Laptop.

OutsourcePK: Last Question: It is very difficult to get your first project online so would you like to share any tips/tricks to get your first project online?
Waqas Manzoor: 
Always bid a bit low in early jobs but as profile gets growing then you may apply on better rates.

Most Important Tip: When you are planning to get a job then just sit in front of laptop and refresh the desired jobs page after every 5 minutes and apply only those jobs in which you are in top 10 in applying candidates. This is a guaranteed way to get the job no matter you are new or old freelancer.

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