Blackberry Z10 Review

Key features: 4.2in, 1,280 x 720 screen; dual-core 1.5GHz processor; 8megapixel camera; BB10 OS

Even though the BlackBerry Z10 is only a few weeks old the company is already pushing out a firmware update, which has been promised to improve battery life along with a number of minor bug fixes as well as improving the camera on the smartphone. Shortly after becoming available many users were given feedback to the company, and based on this BlackBerry has come up with the first update for the Z10, and brings the device to BlackBerry 10

Although Blackberry Z10 design is not going to win any design awards but its staid, utilitarian styling feels smart, functional and business like – just as you’d want from Blackberry. Perhaps more important than style is the feel of the phone. It isn’t the most efficient phone when it comes to space around the screen. With large top and bottom bezels the whole phone’s dimensions are 130 x 65.6 x 9mm, which puts it at the same height as the 4.5in screen touting Nokia Lumia 920. However, 9mm is reasonably impressive as slenderness goes and, at 137.5g.

Other improvements to the OS include some fixes for the Gmail calendars, and the company has said that the way users import contacts from online sources has been improved. There has also been an improvement in the performance of third party applications, and stated that during this month a number of big app releases will be available including the likes of WhatsApp. The camera has been improved for low light conditions along with improvements to the browser and video playback, but it’s the improvement to the handsets battery life that will be most welcomed by users with the company stating there has been over sixty battery saving enhancements.

Review of Samsung Galaxy Nexus

World’s First phone to operate on Android 4.0:Ice Cream Sandwich was Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Within a year of difference between its first release, it is not world’s first smartphone to run on Android 4.1:Jelly Bean. Talking about the design and features of Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the first catch is its 4.6 inches screen which attracts the market by following the supersizing of smartphone trend. Although it has a fairly wide screen, but the smartphone is slim and fits in the user’s hand. Back of the phone is textured and the lock button is also positioned very strategically.
Although the phone looks very promising but it lacks sufficient storage. It does not support a SD card. This makes it useless for all sorts of storing purposes.

The smartphone possesses 1.2Ghz processing speed and relates in its specifications to Samsung Galaxy S2. Although it supports only a 5MP camera, but the image quality however is fairly good. Samsung Galaxy Nexus has no delay during the picture taking process. It instantaneously captures the picture on single click and returns to the new photo. This phone has however made a huge impact on the smartphone industry and created a high target for upcoming smartphones .

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